remix series.

 love and noir. / the remix series.

(an invitation.)

We make music because we love the music itself. We like how it draws a response from folks. And how you share that response with us daily.

Now we want to hear your interpretations of our music – to have a conversation, so to speak –by inviting YOU to add your voice to ours.

Today (March 1, 2017) we are launching the love and noir. remix project. Every Wednesday morning for the next 10 weeks we will post a remix of one of the songs on our new album, along with a link to download the stems from the original track.

YOU: download the stems and play around with the music. Chop it. Screw it. Do what you do. Then post the remix to your Soundcloud page and tag it #DenitiaAndSeneRemix so we can find that shit.

Every week we’ll pick a couple of our favorite remixes and repost them on our Soundcloud page. If you tweet at us using #DenitiaAndSeneRemix we’ll retweet your shit too.

listen to the album.